Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Great Woman

Today, we said our last goodbyes to a wonderful woman, Cindy Stiles.  Cindy has worked with my dad for many years, but I began building a relationship with her four years ago when I started tutoring her grandson.  Since then, they have become a dear family to me and I have loved watching M grow into a fine young man.

Cindy passed away suddenly last Sunday from a massive heart attack.  It is such a sad, sad situation and it has naturally been very hard on the family.  Her husband went into the hospital just a day later with pacemaker issues, but is thankfully out and doing better.

The memorial service was today and it was a sweet time of remembering Cindy.  I loved hearing stories about her through the years!  What I remember most was her unconditional love for her child and grandchild.  She only wanted the best for them.  While she was often hard on M when it came to schoolwork, it was only because she knew he could do better.

Matt did the service and I loved how he connected the unconditional love Cindy showed to that of God's unconditional love for us.  It was a beautiful and natural parallel.  I hope others thought so too!

I had the privilege of reading a remembrance from Cindy's son and grandson today at the funeral.  Although I had my share of tears while I was practicing, (I don't know why...I'm not usually an emotional person...) :) I made it through.  Their words were beautiful and heartfelt, and I was honored to share them with the others who came to remember Cindy.

She was a wonderful lady, and she will be missed by so many. My heart especially goes out to my sweet M as he grieves the loss of his grandma. 

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