Sunday, March 13, 2011

Missing Becky

It is so hard saying goodbye to a dog who has been such a huge part of your family.  It hits us at strange when there is too much space between the island and the counter because her dog bowl is gone...or a piece of food drops on the floor and it's still there after dinner...or her leash is lying on the steps waiting to be hooked onto her collar.  There are no muddy pawprints on the floor, no slobber marks on the sliding door, and the kitchen floor is missing the many pieces of dog food she used to scatter.  I can't believe I ever complained about those! 

To easy the missing a bit (for all of us!), we made Becky a cross out of two paint sticks.  We painted and decorated it with the colors Caleb chose. 

becky grave

Then Caleb wrote Becky a special note that he placed upside down on her grave so that she could read it. 

caleb with becky grave
We lit a sparkler in honor of Becky but were careful not to push it too far down because Caleb was concerned it might burn her. 

becky grave sparkler
It was a good time of remembering and honoring Becky, but we are still very, very sad.  We'll definitely miss our dog.

becky grave back further


Darryl said...

We miss her, too. She was a good dog and she loved you all.

Mary Weslow said...

Hi Julie,

Thinking of you on this beautiful spring day. Glad you are able to be back at school. Love all the pictures but especially the one of Caleb and Becky, and Matt and you holding Abby.