Friday, March 4, 2011

Wishing and Hoping

I cannot wait to be able to bring Abby out in public.  I want everyone to get to know this adorable little girl I have!

Probably the first trip out will be for her baby dedication at church.  Just to warn limit the amount of germs Abby is exposed to, we will most likely be coming in late and leaving early.  It's nothing personal!!  We're just trying to protect our girl.  We had originally set her dedication date for March, but have now pushed it back a bit more until after cold and flu season is over.  We're now thinking that it will probably be in May.

What a day that will be!  I am a slightly emotional person to begin with, but expect for me to be a blubbering mess.  Abby has come such a long way and it is a daily (hourly?  minutely?) struggle turning her health over to God.  Elizabeth means consecrated to God, and that is what we are continually seeking to do.  It is amazing to be even able to talk about dedicating her in church, because there was a time when we weren't sure that this would happen.

Abby will wear her beautiful white heirloom smocked dress with pink trim and this bracelet:

Naturally, she'll have a pretty little bow in her hair!  I'll have to get my sister working on that one.  :)

Of course, reality follows us wherever we go.  Along with that beautiful dress and accessories, we'll also have a portable ventilator...and a nurse sitting in the front row with a suction machine, an oxygen tank, a large to-go bag, the apnea monitor, and the pulse oximeter.  That will all make for lovely pictures, don't you think?!  :) 

But I refuse to let disappointment in what I thought a dedication would look like steal the joy I have in being able to celebrate Abby's life. 

I refuse.

Until the day when we'll be able to take her places without a second thought, I'll just keep wishin' and hopin'!


Becca said...

sounds lovely to me :-)

Jennifer said...

I will be there taking lots of pictures through lots of happy tears! And I can't wait for everyone to see her sweet face in person (from afar so as not to spread those germs!).

Anonymous said...

It is going to be one of the most special days of your life no matter how much "stuff" you have with you!! Abby is going to be an angelic vision and JOY is going to fill your church!! Get ready to leave your worry in the pew for a few minutes (with the nurse) and soak in His Glory!!!

Anonymous said...

I doubt if there will be many dry eyes on the day of Abby's dedication.