Friday, March 11, 2011

A Few Calebisms

(Last night while praying before bed)  "God is great and please help Abby not to drool anymore.  Amen."

(holding a plastic recorder)  "This is my sword, you know, for safety.  Just in case there are any bad guys."

(at the dinner table)  Me:  (looking at Caleb drinking orange soda)  What are you drinking????

Caleb (immediately pointing at Matt):  It's Daddy's fault!
(for the record on that one, it was the last swallow in the can after Matt poured it into his glass, so he didn't have crazy amounts...but this still goes against our water and milk rule...)

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MaryJo Bevard said...

Shame on you Matt. You are supposed to be Caleb's role model and there you are drinking soda right in front of him. Hahahaha