Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt

My parents went camping at the Navy Rec Center in Solomons (a very nice facility, I might add!), so we visited with them one night.  Caleb and Sara spent the night there and had a blast!

Mom and Aunt Judy set up a treasure hunt for the kids, complete with clues and--of course--treasure!  They were thrilled with the idea and had a ball running from one place to another in search of the next clue.
treasure hunt

treasure hunt 2

treasure hunt 3

treasure hunt 5

treasure hunt 4
Matt took all of these pictures so that I could stay a safe distance away...for germs' sake.  Yep, still a germaphobe, but for very good reason!

The treasure was a bubble gun that works extremely well, a bunny bubble wand, and some colored bubbles!  (Note:  these colored bubbles are cool in theory, but they stain everything they touch...including kids!  They are definitely a bathing suit toy!!)

caleb bubble gun

caleb bubble gun 2

Heidi tried to stay away from the mayhem, but there's no rest for the weary when Caleb is around!  (Did you know that he has decided that Heidi is his dog who just lives at Nina and Paw Paw's house?  I'm not sure how Heidi feels about this arrangement...)


Oh yeah, and I learned how to carry Abby in the Baby Bjorn!!   It was extremely exciting!  We're all feeling a little more "normal" every day!

abby in bb 2

abby in bb

It was such a fun night.  Thanks for having us over, Nina and Paw Paw!

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Darryl said...

It was exciting to have the whole family there. (We missed Bruce, though.) We will have to do it again when we are there next time.