Monday, April 18, 2011

The Booster Seat!

On Saturday, we jumped on a good deal at Babies R Us and got Caleb a booster seat.  He's of the right age, height, and weight for it, and switching a booster from car to car when he's riding with someone else is a lot easier than a regular car seat.  We'll still primarily use his 5 point harness because it is safer, but this will be good for rides in other people's cars and such.

Public Service Announcement: Don't get sucked into buying the all-in-one car seat that works for infants, toddlers, and as a booster seat. Car seats have expiration dates and yours will expire well before your child is ready to be without one! (And yes, you really do need to pay attention to the expiration's important!!) They are ridiculously expensive and they won't last the whole time anyway.  I saw them at BRU and thought, what a waste of money!  Our booster was $26 and has a removable back for when he gets bigger!

Let me tell you, this boy LOVES his booster seat!  He told everyone, including Abby, that he was big enough to sit in a booster seat now.  Matt put it together in the house and Caleb promptly plopped down on it and proceeded to sit there for quite some time. 
car seat 1
car seat 2
A little later, Matt was getting ready to go to the dump.  Normally, Caleb hates going with him and refuses.  Matt asked if he wanted to try out the new seat and he practically ran to the door!  He's so funny.
car seat 3

car seat 4
His favorite things about it are the cup holders that slide in and out (which is nice if you're short on space!) and the fact that he can stretch in it.  (??)  I guess he means because the seat belt is stretchy, unlike the 5 point harness.  We've had many talks about how he can't pull on it while the car is moving because then it can't do its job.  He's been good about it so far!  He also likes that he can unbuckle himself, but we're still working on the whole don't-do-it-until-one-of-us-tells-you-to idea.  He took it upon himself to unbuckle yesterday and the car hadn't stopped yet, so I wasn't too happy.  A little maybe-you're-not-old-enough-to-ride-in-a-booster-seat threat never hurt anyone!

Caleb informed me that riding in the car used to be really boring, but now it's very exciting!

At any rate, he's a very happy camper with his fancy new seat!  Now I just have to help him to understand that he won't be riding in it all of the time!

Speaking of camping, we're going to visit my parents tonight while they're camping!  I think Abby will enjoy walking around, because she loved the playground yesterday (pictures to come).  Naturally, we are going to avoid people and keep her in her stroller as much as possible, but fresh air is good for her.  Caleb is staying for a sleepover with Nina and Paw Paw!  Oh boy!!  :)

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