Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter this year was wonderful!  Caleb's big gift was tickets to the Monster Truck rally in Baltimore (he watches it every morning!), but he also received a few little things.  Abby got a learning cow that does all kinds of things and a cool ball that flashes.  They got their first joint present of a butterfly garden, and Caleb is incredibly excited about this!  (We're still working on teaching Abby about metamorphosis, but she's getting there.)  He's been asking every day if the larvae have arrived in the mail, so hopefully they'll get here soon!  I have sooo many great memories of raising butterflies every year growing up.  I can't wait to get some good pictures!
easter c and a 2

easter c and a

We adjusted our nursing hours so that we would have the afternoon and evening to celebrate on our own, so we headed up to my parents' house around 2:30.  After a lively Easter egg hunt that included lots of running, squealing, and crying (and that was just Bruce!)  :), the kids headed back inside to dump out their eggs and examine their loot. 

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast-for-dinner meal, but the best part was just having a good sense of normalcy!
family photo


melanie said...

Easter photos are terrific. you have two beautiful children and Abby is really getting big and looks so healthy. my granddaughter does so well being tube feed. can't wait for the butterflies. keep us posted. might try if you keep us updated on there status. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

melanie said...

so sorry about your beloved dog, becky. so difficult to loose a pet. i hate it and lost 8 so far with 5 fur balls left. i say no more after these five, i don't believe what i am saying. maybe one but not five.