Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, we had a mysterious substance showing up on our carpet in where Abby is. (Notice that I refused to call it Abby's room because her room is upstairs and all purple and girly.  This room used to be the playroom...and it will be again, one day!!!)

Anyway, back to the mysterious substance. 

It was black and kind of looked like ink, so I tried all sorts of stain removers.  I thought for sure a pen had leaked. 

But then it kept showing up.

And again.
And again.

My carpet looked horrible!!

Now, I have a lovely little machine that works fabulously to get out stains.  It's called the Green Machine and it really is pretty awesome. 

It works wonders on pet stains.  (We don't have those anymore--don't remind me!) :(
Once I figured out that the stain was, in fact, grease and not ink and applied the proper stain remover

 the Green Machine got the stains out--even the set-in ones! 
The greasy culprit was our rocking chair, but Matt thinks he took care of the problem.  Let's hope so!!

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