Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Why Today Has Been a Fabulous Day

1.  I passed my BIG test that I took back in March with flying colors!  This is a huge sigh of relief....especially since I was "slightly" busy during study time! 

2.  We had a yummy dinner that included roasted broccoli--one of my new favs!  I added some feta cheese this time, and it was SO good!

3.  I've been selected to be a blogger for Lock-n-Lock (you know, the storage containers?), so I will be getting lots of freebies in exchange for some blogs about how much I love them...which I do!

4.  Somehow, I was able to get two appointments for the same day...tomorrow!!!  This is no small miracle.

5.  Warm weather makes me happy. 

In other news, tomorrow is a HUGE appointment with the head of pediatric surgery at JHH.  He's the thoracic surgeon and he'll be checking out Abby's ribs and letting us know the next steps.  We also were able to get an appointment with the cleft palate clinic for tomorrow, so it's a big day!  Please pray for more miracles!!!


Debbie said...

Congratulations Leach family on all accomplishments (your dad has already bragged (and rightfully so) about the big test results Julie)!! AND now a 2fer, i.e., two "key" appts in one day! The best to you all tomorrow.

Hey and just think, today was a Tuesday!!!! It wasn't that long ago, that those days were sometimes dreaded!!!

Blessings to all

Sandy said...