Friday, April 1, 2011

A Few Things

*  If you have anything to include in Abby's book, please email it to me!  It does not have to be related to her dedication.  It can simply be a note to her...or song lyrics...or a favorite quote...or something silly...anything, really!  I just want her to have a book to look back on and read as she gets older.  Right now, her book is looking pretty empty...

*  Matt and I are GOING OUT tonight!!!  Our anniversary is on Sunday, so we're going to my absolute favorite restaurant in the world...The Melting Pot!!!  *Oh, fondue deliciousness!*  We haven't been out alone since Spetember (with the exception of a very hurried Valentine's Day meal) and we are sooooo excited!  We switched our nursing hours to make the day hours back up to the night shift, so we don't have to rush home--good thing, since the only reservation we could get was for 8 p.m.!  We really need the break...and I will be fasting all day in preparation for the fondue deliciousness.  yummmmmmmmo!

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