Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thank you!

Thank ya'll so much for the lovely words you've written to my Abby.  Right now, they're mostly for us to enjoy...but one day, after the surgeries are behind us, the trach is out, and the nurses are gone, Abby can look at this book and know how many people her little life has touched.  The notes that have been written have been so sweet and touching.  I've shed a few tears over many of them.  I've been especially touched by the notes from people who haven't even met any of us.  We're so thankful that Abby's life has impacted yours. 

I can put in as many pages as I need (one cool feature about Snapfish--you're not tied down to a specific number of pages), so feel free to keep 'em comin'!  Thanks!

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