Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pretty AND Functional!

I recently learned about these necklaces, thanks to my sister Amy.  "Mommy Necklaces" is a company that creates beautiful jewelry that's safe for little hands!  They advertise that the jewelry is handmade, lead-teasted, and break-proof.  It even has a break-away closure if your little guy or gal pulls too hard!  They advertise them as necklaces babies can play with while you're nursing, but they are really just kid-friendly jewelry. You certainly don't have to be nursing to wear them!

So, I figured I'd give it a shot.  We're currently working on getting Abby to hold stuff and she's pulled my hair and necklace a few times, so I think we're getting close to the necklace-breaking stage!  I'd never seen one in person, but they were really pretty on the website and I loved the concept.

Mama Bargains was having a sale on them and Amy was one of the crazy ones who stayed up ridiculously late stalking the site to catch the sale when it posted (Mama Bargains posts the next sale as soon as the current sale runs out, so you never quite know when that will be).  There were, apparently, a lot of crazy women who did that!  :)

Anyway, my sister ordered me two, and they came in the mail a few days ago. 
mn 2 mn 1
As a blogger for Mommy Necklaces, I received another one to "test out" and review...bringing my grand total of MNs to three!  mn 3

Well, let me tell you, the website pictures do not do these strands justice!  They are so pretty!  The beads are really high quality acrylic and the black break-away closure is tasteful (I was a little concerned that it would look clunky, but it really doesn't!)  I wore the black one the day after I got it and got lots of compliments on it.  Nobody knew that it was actually for Abby! 

My niece is just a few months older than Abby and LOVES playing with Amy's MNs!  She's got a really good grip and I saw first-hand how the break-away clasp works when she got ahold of mine! 

The most important question is, how did Abby like it?  She's still working on reaching up for things, but she loved holding onto it and really liked the clanking of the donuts (the dangling circles--mine have two on each strand).  When I got her fingers around the beads, she had a pretty good grip on it.  The necklace certainly made for a good play toy while I was holding her!  I think that as she continues to develop, she'll really enjoy playing with them.

One thing that MNs clearly states is that these are not teething necklaces and that you shouldn't let your baby wear them.  The beads could present a choking hazard if the baby is left unattended.  I haven't seen anything to suggest that the beads would break off, but it's certainly important to note that while these are safe for babies to put in their mouths, don't let them go hog wild on them!

The price is reasonable for a necklace, and it would make a novelty shower or Mother's Day gift (start hinting to your husbands now!)  :)  They also sell accent strands with much smaller beads.  The Mama Bargains deal included an accent strand, but I haven't worn both together yet.  My small stature makes that a little too much for me, but I think it would be really beautiful on a taller woman. 

I think what is the most appealing about Mommy Necklaces is Raelynn herself.  Raelynn is a down-to-earth mom who just wanted to create some jewelry that her kids wouldn't destroy!  She's got a small group of ten beaders who somehow keep up with such a demanding business, and they are the real deal.  They care about their products and love that people love them!  They certainly take pride in their work and enjoy interacting with their fans...and they have quite a following!  Just take a look at Mommy Necklaces' Facebook page!!

If you're a mom looking for something pretty and functional, check MNs out.  If you're looking for a unique shower gift, check MNs out.  If you're a husband wondering what to get your wife for Mother's Day, check MNs out! (I'll be getting my lovely Nikon D90 for Mother's Day...and my birthday birthday...and Christmas...) :)  Let me know if you want to see some in person or have other questions about them.  My sister and I are now walking advertisements!

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kbowman6 said...

Ooooh these look great! My lil' guy loves to twiddle and yank my necklaces...I've already placed my order. Thanks for the post!