Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Great Song!

Are you getting tired of my song-sharing yet?  I hope not, because the songs I share are so important to me.  God speaks to me through music!

A few weeks ago, Matt preached at church.  The Friday before, he was sharing the verses he was doing and it was very much about struggling and how God meets you where you are.  I asked if he was going to talk about Abby and he said he didn't think he was ready.  I told him that he either needed to get ready or save this sermon for when he is, because these are the verses to use!

Well, as you know if you were there, Matt did it!  He even shared our conversation.  :)  I have never been more proud of my husband than that day.  He allowed God to use his brokenness and transparency to minister to others, and it was beautiful.  He definitely made me cry....but then again, that's not so hard to do!  :)  It was certainly an encouragement to Matt to hear from so many that they appreciated his words, because making yourself vulnerable is always a little scary. 

Anyway, this is the song that he shared at the end.  He didn't have someone sing it as he would have liked (it was a rather last-minute decision to switch it up like this, and it's not a well-known song to begin with!), but he read an excerpt from it.  It's a pretty great one!  Matt Papa shares a little of his story in the beginning.  I like his transparency too.

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Mary Weslow said...

How true Jeremy's song is about trusting God. It sure does take alot of faith! Love the recent pictures of Abby and Caleb. I think Abby resembles her grandpa Schenk alot. Thinking about you all.