Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trachs and Vents 101--Feeding Pump

This is neither a trach, nor a vent, nor does it have anything to do with a trach or a vent.  But, it goes along with my series.  Perhaps I should have come up with a different title.  Oh well...

feeding pump

This is Abby's feeding pump, and it provides her with all of her milk.  She doesn't take anything by mouth right now, but we're hoping that will change soon!  (I'm kind of doubting it, but a girl can dream!)

There is a feeding tube in Abby's belly that this pump tubing connects to.  The feeding tube is really not much of a tube at all.  In fact, we call it a "button."  It's a round circle (hence the name button!) that has a deflated balloon attached to it.  You insert the balloon side into her belly and fill it (through a little hole on the side) with a few mls of water.  That inflates the balloon and keeps the button in place.  We clean around the site each day, and that's about the extent of the care!  You only change the button once every three months.  It's actually very simple to check and replace, but the stomach muscles close up quickly, so you have to be speedy with your changes!  Don't have a broken button when you're out somewhere without a replacement, or your child will be having another surgery!  (We just keep a spare in our to-go bag!)

The feeding pump is set to a certain rate (depending on how much milk Abby should get) and then it gives her that over the span of an theory.  Our pump has issues and sometimes does half an hour, and sometimes does two hours.  Thankfully, we've just received a new one that does seem to work a bit better.

I'm not sure if these posts are boring or interesting, but I figure it might satisfy a few curious minds.  I wouldn't call anybody "trained," exactly, but at least it gives you a little background knowledge!  :)

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Darryl said...

WHAT??? Do you mean I can't get certified by completing this on-line nursing course? I thought I would get my CRNP upon completion. I was planning to go on to Level 201 and become an on-line doctor so I can play one on TV! Drats another life plan foiled!

Ironically, the word verification for this post is "scruined". I guess that sums up my life plan.