Saturday, April 9, 2011

Talking Up a Storm!

If you have ever wondered if trached and vented babies can talk, the answer is YES! 
**Remember to mute the stereo at the bottom of the blog to hear the cute noises!
With the help of the Passy-Muir Valve, Abby can make all sorts of noises!  She's started to mimic our sounds a bit now too, which is exciting.  We are definitely encouraging the talking and trying to get her to make as many different noises as possible.  My favorites are the high-pitched squeaks!


Darryl said...

It is so exciting to hear her making sounds. Love it!

Mindi and Adrian said...

Awww I LOVE it! Yay Abby!! The PMV is amazing! :) So glad she is doing well with it and talking away.

Toni said...

You tell 'em, Abby!

My 3 kids said...

Anna was fascinated!

Kara said...

I just found your blog, my daughter had PRS and has a trach (non vent) and a g-tube as well. Watching her video with the PMV gives me SO much hope for my baby. We have just started trying to slowly introduce it. I can't wait for the day where I can video her making those beautiful noises!

God Bless your daughter! We sure do have special babies in our lives.