Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bat Dog

Ever since we lost Becky, Caleb has rediscovered his love for his little stuffed Boxer.  He didn't really have a name before, but now it is most definitely Bat Dog.  Bat Dog pretty much goes everywhere with him in the house and Caleb throws a fit if you tease him about taking him or something.  I'm pretty sure the missing of Becky has a lot to do with that.

Bat Dog often gets carried around in a little "pouch" like a kangaroo.

I am slightly concerned that this could be foreshadowing, should we get another dog...please don't call the Humane Society on us!  I promise I would never let them do this to a real dog, much less take pictures while they are doing it!

But they had a great time making Bat Dog "fly," and that's all that matters...right??

In other news:  Caleb is really missing Becky.  He'll sometimes stare out the back door at her grave and just get this face of udder sadness.  It makes he tear up every time.  Sometimes he'll vocalize his feelings and sometimes he'll just sigh and turn away, but I know he's feeling the same way I am.  We just miss our dog!

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