Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Luckiest

This was the song that we danced to at our wedding seven years ago today.  We were so young--just 22 (me) and 25 (Matt).  I was in my first year of teaching and Matt was still working at Greybar.  Our first home was a teeny little two bedroom house with a spiral staircase to the basement that was a very cool novelty...until you tried to carry a basket of laundry down it!  We were truly "livin' on love," and I would cry every time I paid the bills because we had no money!  It seems like a lifetime fact, it was two houses, four jobs, two kids, two medical helicopter rides, and many hospital stays ago!

I love you, Matt.  We have been through more in this last year than many have in their lifetime.  It's been crazy, but I'm glad you were by my side through it all.  Thank you for choosing me!

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Toni said...

Happy Anniversary Julie and Matt. Connections: April 3 is our son Nicholas' birthday and my neice who just got married walked in to The Luckiest. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary date.