Saturday, April 23, 2011


(In the midst of throwing a tantrum over what he was going to wear to church):  "But I haaaave to wear my Batman shirt, because that's how I get all of my powers!"

(When I wasn't understanding the word he was trying to say):  "I wouldn't expect you to understand, Momma.  I'll talk to Daddy instead."

(In a sing-songy high-pitched voice):  "Where's my precious little sister?!"

(Regarding his new car seat):  "Riding in the car used to be soooooo boring.  Now it's so exciting!!"

(Asking me to read a book in German to him):  "Well, you're German.  You're a really good Germaner!"

And I just have to throw in an Owenism (Owen is my eight year old nephew), but I need to stage it a bit:
We were watching The Sound of Music in the car on the way to RMH, and I was giving a simplistic explanation of WWII.  He really loves history and was asking lots of questions about Hitler and the Nazis.  When I explained that Hitler didn't like Jewish people, he said, "So it's kind of like the way the Redskins don't like the Cowboys?"  :)

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