Saturday, April 23, 2011


We took Abby to the playground at my school for the first time last Sunday!  It's Caleb favorite playground because it has a castle--plus it's handicapped (stroller) accessible and we rarely see anyone else there!

playground coming down hill

playground with stroller
We kept her in the stroller most of the time for simplicity's sake....and because it was really sunny.

playground saving princess
Caleb was soooo excited and loved "rescuing" Princess Abby from the tower!

playground swing
I did take her out for a bit to swing.  (She was awake, but the sun was in her eyes.  We faced the other direction as soon as this was taken, and she was much happier!)

playground with daddy

playground c monkey bars

playground c monkey bars 2

playground slid
It was such a nice day to be outside, and I'm SO glad that we can finally do that!!!

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