Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thanks for Praying!

A strongly worded email and many prayers from friends and family did the trick!  Dr. Cahill called me this afternoon to apologize for all of the miscommunication and trouble.  He offered us the 19th for surgery, which I eagerly took!  11 days...we can do 11 days.

He talked with me at length about what the surgery would entail.  He is replacing the screws with hooks, and then fusing more vertebrae.  Sadly, that means more final height lost...but it needs to be done.  Basically, he is redoing the Shilla and we can expect that the recovery will be the same.  We are fully expecting that she will go to rehab again.  (Have I mentioned that we are still appealing the transport bill from her last trip to rehab?)

It's going to be another tough surgery, but we have a plan.  She will be in another brace that is actually a pinless halo.  I'm sure she will love it even more than the last one.  :)

We do appreciate your love and prayers.  I'm just thankful we have gotten through this.

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