Tuesday, December 6, 2016


As I've mentioned a lot recently, Abby has been in a lot of pain and had difficulty with numbness in her legs since her September surgery.  In the last week or so, we have noticed and felt little points sticking up in her back--like the points of screws.  I let CHOP know, but the nurse practitioner said to let her know if we were able to see them. (Isn't feeling them bad enough?!)  After a lot of back and forth and frustration, I finally took pictures last night, now that they are visible, and sent them to the NP.  She took them to Dr. Cahill and he decided Abby needs a revision of her Shilla.

This is a much bigger surgery than we were planning for the 22nd, because it was originally just supposed to be an expansion. We aren't exactly sure what it will entail (and neither does he, until he gets in there), but we know that it will be much more involved and more painful.  Translation:  we will be at CHOP for Christmas.

We'd already prepped Abby for this with the original surgery, just in case.  She'd already thought she would be there for Christmas anyway.  I broke the news to Caleb tonight, but promised that we would all be together for Christmas no matter what.  He seemed alright with that.  Since Santa came early (he brought a new computer and desk!), we don't have to worry about him finding Abby's room. :)  We will bring a few presents with us for the kids to open, but the more we bring up there, the more we bring home!  I will choose strategically!  

We would appreciate your prayers as we face the next few weeks.  Pray that Abby's pain is managed and that the surgery corrects the issues she has been having.  Thanks, friends!

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~Seth and Nancy~ said...

our church in philly isn't too far from the hospital...just up 95. I'm sure the pastor there would love to help out if you need a place to get away or take a shower or something. Let me know and I can get in touch with them!