Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More Bad News

I emailed the nurse practitioner last night to see if Abby's surgery could be moved up because of all of the issues.  She wrote back that there was no room in the schedule and she was actually going to have to be BUMPED until January 5th.  Dr. Cahill wants her to be his only case that day (last time, it took 9 1/2 hours to do this same surgery). There are 3 other cases on the 22nd, so Abby is being bumped.  

I called the nurse practitioner after I calmed down and was able to speak calmly.  I voiced my concerns about waiting 2 MORE weeks when I was already worried about waiting 2 weeks!  I said if she popped 3 screws in one week, what would happen in another month?!?!?  She was going to talk to Dr. Cahill and see what she could do.  She was supposed to call me back today, but she didn't.  

I've cried so much today.  I am so worried something is going to happen before she has the surgery.  I just don't feel right about waiting another month.  

Thanks for your support, everyone.  I'm so sad and frustrated tonight.  Tomorrow is another day and I will get back up again and fight for my girl.  That's what I do!


Ray Giunta said...

And as a Mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you. Isaiah 66:13

Elizabeth said...

I'm a long-time reader of your blog, although I don't usually comment. I just have to say, though, how impressed I am with how you fight for Abby's medical needs and keep everything running so smoothly. As someone who gets healthcare bureaucracy rage myself, I sympathize with what you must feel when advocating for your child. I am sending good wishes your way in the hopes that Abby's current issues can be eased (and in a timely manner! Shame on them!). I also have to say that I am always envious of Abby's beautiful head of hair! :)