Saturday, December 24, 2016

Post op Day 5

We had another good day today.  Abby is walking more--still needing a hand, but improving every time!  She was in a great mood today and loved having Caleb with her.  She pretty much wants him right by her side st all times!

They each got to open a present this evening, as is our tradition.  Abby got some American girl Lego-type figures (they are AG brand) with accessories.  She was thrilled, of course!  Caleb got a Star Wars Death Star planetarium that projects either the Earth's solar system on the wall, or the Star Wars solar system!  He was pretty excited, but it requires a bit more set up than we can do here so he has to wait until they go home.

Abby was also all about the crafts tonight!  She made a winter charm bracelet, a penguin, a jungle bell wreath, and a nativity scene (sent by American Heritage Girls!)


Tonight, we continued our tradition of listening to Paw Paw read "The Night Before Christmas" before bed by listening to his recorded book over FaceTime with the Bevard family!  Modern technology is so great!


Caleb and Matt are back at RMH, decorating the third floor rooms with snowflakes!  Thank you so much to all who have participated.  It has been so fun spreading joy and the families just love them.  

While we missed our church's Christmas Eve service, we also know that the birth of Christ can be celebrated anywhere.  We can be just as thankful for God sending His son to for in our place here as we can at home.   The situation is not ideal, but we are together and happy.  It will be a Christmas to remember!  ❄️🎄✝️☃️

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