Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snow globes, parties, and tears


Abby got this sweet snow globe ornament today from Make a Wish!  It's flat on the back with a magnet on the back, so we can use it all year.  Such a fun surprise!

We enjoyed going to my family Christmas party today.  Since we weren't sure we would be able to be there, we were especially glad to go!  The kids had fun playing with their cousins and they all seemed to enjoy their gifts.  The girls were all given JOY shirts by my aunt in support of Abby, which were really cute! We are so grateful for all of the love and support my family gives us!  They are the best!

Tonight ended a bit teary when Caleb broke down while he was praying before bed.  We had suspected that there was a lot going on in his head, but he hadn't expressed it until then.  So the four of us had a little hug fest and then I climbed in bed with Caleb for a while and let him ask all of the questions he wanted.  He often does that, but understands that it's not good to do in front of Abby.  So he asked all of his questions, including some tough ones, and I did my best to answer them in a way he could understand.  When we had discussed everything, he sighed and said, "I feel so much better!"  He is so much like me in the way he needs information in order to feel secure.  There's anxiety in the unknown.  Man, I love his heart for his sister.  He is such a great kid.

So we will head back up to Philly tomorrow after church and then we have to be at CHOP at 6 am on Monday morning.  We appreciate your continued prayers!

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