Monday, December 5, 2016

A HUGE Step in Recovery!

On Thursday, Abby will be 3 months post-op from this awful Shilla surgery.  She has really been through the ringer with this one:  between the infection, the pain, the numbness, and the bladder issues, we were really just praying for a glimmer of hope.

You see, 3 months marks the time when our surgeon said her recovery would be about as good as it is going to get.  Given that she still struggles to walk further than from the parking lot to the front door without resting, we were really hoping that she would have progressed farther than this.  Don't even get me started about the numbness in her legs...

But tonight, God gave us that glimmer.  Abby decided that she wanted to stand up on her own without holding onto someone or something to support her.  After several attempts and a whole lot of willpower, she did it!!!

And yes, we both cried.  :)


Matt and I both feared that she may never be able to stand up on her own again.  It's such a simple thing that most everyone takes for granted, but when you have to crawl across the floor to use the wall or a table so that you can stand's a big deal.  And when you're as independent and sassy as this little girl, it's an even bigger deal!

Abby was thrilled with herself and laughed and laughed, giddy that she actually did it.  This girl has more determination in her little six year old body than most adults I know.

There's a lot that isn't going well right now, but this glimmer was exactly what I needed to keep pushing through and choosing joy.

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