Friday, December 2, 2016

An Awesome Opportunity!

Our family was so honored to represent the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore last night at the lighting of the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon!  Along with the mayor of Baltimore and Steve Smith Sr. of the Baltimore Ravens, we lit the monument and officially kicked off the holiday season!  This is a HUGE deal in Baltimore and there were an estimated 20,000 people there last night!  Incredible!!

Abby was the "official" lighter with a magic wand that caused the monument to light up.  She loved it and proudly held her wand up high in the air!  Caleb actually got to push one of the buttons with the mayor and Steve Smith Sr. to make it happen, so he was thrilled!  

We were interviewed by two Baltimore TV stations!

 Here's one:

I can't find the other one online, but a friend taped it from her TV with her phone and shared it on my Facebook page.  :)

Abby got a light-up wand to do her magic, and the 6 year old daughter of one of the people running it heard about Abby and made her some pixie dust to help with the magic.  Of course, she loved it!!!

 What Baltimore celebration is complete without Natty Boh?!

Thank you to our wonderful friend, Sandy Pagnotti, who is the director of our Baltimore RMH.  She is so fantastic and we are grateful that she asked us to be a part of this!

The fire chief of Baltimore asked to come meet Abby :)

Reagan and Katie Rose of Mixed 106.5 were the MCs of the night, and the kids had fun being silly with them!  They did a great job of sharing Abby's story.  Reagan dramatically said, "The doctors said she would never see.  Well guess what?!  She sees!!!" And the crowd cheered.  He did that for seeing, hearing, talking, and walking, and the cheered got louder each time, then erupted when she actually walked across the stage.  They started cheering, "Abby!  Abby!  Abby!" which was surreal to me, but a little too much for her and she covered her ears.  :)  They interviewed us on the stage and we got to share about how important The Ronald McDonald House is to us.  We love any opportunity to talk about our Baltimore home!

When the big moment came, we got on stage with the major and Steve Smith Sr.  Abby's hidden, but you can see her wand!

We lit up the sky!

It was seriously one of the coolest experiences ever!  We are so grateful to the Ronald McDonald House and love to have any opportunity to spread the RMH love!  

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