Monday, December 26, 2016

Post op day 7

What kind of physical therapist lets you shoot animals around the unit with Nerf darts?!?!  Our awesome Ms. Jo!  She always makes PT so fun. It was a very intentional game to get Abby to learn how to survey her environment with the halo on.  When she shot the animal, she had to feel it with her foot and kick it over to me--all quite challenging when you can't see it! It was lots of fun and she didn't even feel like she was working.  

We also played Headbanz as a family today, which was fun.  Caleb's first question was, "Am I a mystical creature?" Which made us all laugh.  That's just so Caleb!

Abby's wonderful teacher FaceTimed with her this evening, which brought smiles.  She is seriously the best!!  

While we are hoping to transfer to rehab tomorrow, there are a lot of insurance hoops still to jump through because of the holiday.  It may not be until Wednesday.  Our insurance doesn't have a rehab benefit, but it has to be submitted and denied before it can be submitted to Medicaid. None of that can happen until tomorrow because of the holiday.  

Tonight, I'm taking one last opportunity to get a decent night's sleep before heading to rehab. Caleb and I are back at RMH tonight with big plans to watch the second Harry Potter movie. :)

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