Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rehab Day 5

It was an easy therapy day here at rehab, with Abby only having an hour each of pt and OT.  

Her PT tried out electrical stimulation on her leg muscles and Abby did great!  Her PT wasn't sure Abby would tolerate it, but she played a bowling game like nothing was different!  We will work to increase the stimulation throughout her sessions from here.

In OT, Abby did a great job with her buttons and pulling on her pants!  We took a pair of jeans to pull on over her leggings (since it is an open gym), so it was extra challenging.  None of this is easy for her, but she is working hard.

I'm still not having much luck in the eating department.  She eats a few ounces of applesauce or pudding, but that's about it. She did chow down on dry Cheerios tonight while we watched a movie, so that made me happy.  It's nice to see her at least enjoying some kind of food.

Abby and I had lots of visitors today, starting with Nina and Paw Paw.  Nina brought her magical suitcase of fun (she fills a purple suitcase with toys so Abby can play with them while they are there!) and also brought Abby's new Calico Critter camper they got her for Christmas.  She was a happy girl!

Nina also did her hair in a fancy ballerina bun, as Abby called it. She got lots of compliments today!  


Caleb and Matt also came up, and everybody went to OT with us.  It was a party!  :). 

Pop came up a little later to visit and bring Abby and Caleb their Christmas presents from Grammy and him.  Caleb got an architecture Lego set of The White House and Abby got a Fuji Instax camera (similar to a Polaroid of my childhood!). They were both excited and Abby has been busy taking pictures.  I told her she needs to take it easy!


Tonight, Abby "cashed in" her therapy stars and watched an American Girl movie with me. As usual, bath time is not her favorite, but we got through it without her yelling at me today.  :)

Tomorrow is a SLEEP IN day with noooooo therapies! We are both excited for the break and may venture out on a journey or two....but not until we have both officially slept in!!

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