Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Post Op Day 2

Today was just all over the place!  Abby started out the day by doing a nice job in PT.  She walked 6 feet, stood for 3 minutes two different times, and did lots of reaching with both hands when doing an ice cream cone sticker activity.  She was completely wiped out after that and slept for several hours, only waking briefly when Santa came to visit her room!  

I noticed her feeling hot and she had had a low grade temperature all day yesterday while on around the clock Tylenol.  The nurse took her temperature and it was 103.8!!  Eek!  No wonder she was so out of it.  Her oxygen levels kept dropping while awake, so she needed to be on a liter of oxygen to even keep them in the 90s.  

She was showing no other symptoms, but they decided to get an X-ray since we needed scoli films anyway.  It was clear.  Blood cultures were taken from her picc line to check that for infection.  Her regular blood work showed her white blood cell count was off, so infectious disease ordered repeats for tomorrow, along with a few other checks.  

Abby is getting an MRI tomorrow for the spinal cord injury.  Get this--all of the metal she has in and on her body is MRI comparable.  Guess what wasn't?  The silver Brace tee and the bandage she had on her incision!  They both contain silver because it's an sntimicrobial agent!  So both of those had to be changed in order for her to be MRI ready.  That is a major ordeal that took 4 people to do in order to keep her neck and back safe.  While they were changing the bandage, I got a look at her back.  I don't love how the incision looks, as there's still one part that is goopy and nasty.  But we are going to wait and see what happens.

After X-rays, Abby came back in a great mood and ready to play!  She was laughing, talking, and even being sassy!  I loved it!!  It was such a 180 from earlier in the day.

She's now asleep and the fever is creeping back up.  We are watching it for the moment, since we don't want to mask anything by giving her meds right away.  

Like I said--a weird day!  But I feel like she is turning a corner--at least in her demeanor and happiness!  I'm certain that she will be thrilled when her brother and dad get here tomorrow evening!!

And now for the AMAZING news!!!  Check this out!!!  The left was Abby at pre-op last Thursday. The right is today.  Look at that correction!!!  God is so good.  This X-ray is beautiful!!


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