Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rehab Day 3

First thing's first:  take a look at this cuteness! :)


We met Abby's primary PT today and she is fantastic!  She totally gets Abby and plays all kinds of games while doing therapy.  I think they are going to get along great.  

She had a very full day today with 2 sessions of PT, a session of OT, 2 sessions of feeding therapy, and a session with psych (part of being in the spinal cord injury program). She worked hard, for the most part, and earned lots of cartoons stars.  5 stars = 1 episode of a show.  She earned 13 today!  Cartoons are motivating for her, so this system works well.

I took a picture of Abby's breakfast of sausage and eggs so that you could see the "yummy" purées she is being given. 


Needless to say, she didn't eat a bite and I asked if we could work on improving that a bit to make it more appetizing. The therapist trialed a "finely chopped" meal and Abby did great with it.  It is just regular food in very tiny pieces, instead of looking like...something Chloe pooped out.  Tonight, she ate 1/4 a sweet potato and 1/4 a serving of turkey--by far the most she has eaten since surgery.

She is working on thin liquids during therapy and is improving by learning how to take tiny sips.  She's not quite ready to do it outside of therapy yet though. These thickened drinks are not her thing, so she's basically on a liquid strike.  We are pushing water through her tube until she can drink it again. 

Lots of progress!  This is a slow and steady road we are traveling, and we expect that our stay will be longer this time.  They are setting up school here, which means they are expecting a longer stay as well.  Honestly, we are fine with it as long as they can get our girl back to as close to her baseline as possible.  She's got lots of dancing to do!

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