Friday, December 30, 2016

Rehab Day 4

Guess Who Match Up, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory, play dough, and string beads....all things Abby did during therapy today!  Her therapists are fantastic at using toys and games as distractions and motivators during therapy.  She works SO hard, but she gets to have fun while doing it!  Abby's attitude toward working was better today,which made things easier too!  I think she is starting to warm up to them. :). 

Today during PT, Abby worked on walking, climbing stairs, standing up stall for long periods, reaching, standing on tiptoes, and keeping her balance on unstable surfaces.  In OT, she worked on her pincher grasp, buttoning and unbuttoning a shirt, and lots of core strength.  

Feeding was still rough and Abby didn't do much more than eat a few Cheerios and take a few sips of water.  She was doing so well with the liquid until the end, when she had a coughing fit.  So she still can only do thin liquids with the therapist--who won't be back until Tuesday.  Abby is going to be so bitter!  She took a tiny sip of a thickened juice today at lunch, but still hated it.  I've been most successful with pudding today, but it's still small amounts.   Ugh.  Thankfully, I packed the pounds on her before surgery in an effort to give her some reserve.  At least she has a little wiggle room when it comes to her weight.

Matt and Caleb came for a surprise visit today on their way to indoor skydiving (a Christmas present from my parents).  They brought this beautiful quilt made for her by a VEPTR grandma and her granddaughters!!  Of course, it's very purple!  It was so very sweet of her to make it for Abby when she has never even met her!  Love our VEPTR friends!

Tomorrow is a short day of therapy with lots of visitors coming.  Should be fun!

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