Friday, October 28, 2011

This is the slideshow that I did for Abby's party.  Unfortunately, we are unable to put our own music in the slideshow, so we set it to one of their songs, muted it, and played the songs we wanted on my iPod through the speakers.  I can't really do that here, so it loses something when the big band music is playing.  :(

The best I can do is show you the slideshow.  I tried to also include the songs we played, but for some reason, they won't imbed here tonight.  Technology!!

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the show!

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Korey said...

I just clicked to your site from a link on What you have put together for your daughter is fantastic. What makes it even better is that one day when she is older she will be able to look through all of this herself and see how loved she was/is.