Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Meatless Meal

I tried out another meatless meal on my family recently.

I am really liking this new Gardein brand.  The food is really good, the price isn't bad (for vegetarian food), and it has low/no soy.  (Soy contains a lot of estrogen, which can cause all sorts of health problems.  Researchers generally agree that you're not at a big risk unless you eat a lot of soy--like vegetarians--so I try to avoid it when I can.)

This is Mandarin Chik'n, and it was tasty!  It cooked up very quickly in my trusty Lock & Lock frying pan.  Matt had at least 3 helpings, and Caleb declared it "good."  Matt even asked if we could have this again.  Score!!

We put the chik'n over rice, which I boiled in my Lock & Lock sauce pan.  Water heats much faster in these, which cuts down on prep time during the week--always an added bonus!

I have started putting all of our side dishes in L & L right off the bat.  It's not like we have to be fancy or anything, and it's a whole lot easier to serve the food in the same container it will be stored in!  I like using the Boroseal glass containers for foods that will need to be reheated.  I served applesauce and spinach (yes, Caleb and Matt both eat spinach--with ketchup!) as sides with this dinner.  I honestly can't remember what's in the plastic containers.  :)

Voila!  It's a quick, easy, healthy (each serving of chik'n is 2 servings of veggies!) dinner that my family enjoyed!

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