Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heading Back to the NICU

On Friday at 1 p.m., we will be going to the NICU to share our experience with the staff.  We'll talk about the ups and downs Abby had, how our emotions played out, and some things we wish had been a little different. Matt and I are really excited for the opportunity to talk and answer questions about our experience. 

Will you please pray for us? 

* God will give us the words to say that will share the joy we have in Christ. We will be openly sharing the miracles God has performed in Abby's life!

*  We will be calm and collected in the midst of so many extremely intelligent medical professionals!  It's only slightly nervewracking to be sharing medical information with the doctors who took care of your baby!
*  The negative aspects of our experience will be shared delicately and with the focus of love for our daughter.  We are not there to put anyone down.  On the contrary, we are so thankful that they saved Abby's life!

*  Everyone there will realize that miracles do happen and will be encouraged that their work is so important!

Thanks everyone!  We're really looking forward to seeing some of the staff that took care of Abby...and for them to see her again!


Amanda Davis said...

Will be praying for you as you speak this week. May more lives be changed because of what you have to say.

Sandy said...

PRAYING!!!! :)