Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birthday Pumpkin Patch Trip

On Abby's birthday, the four of us went to our favorite pumpkin patch (well, it's a little bit pumpkin patch, but more fall festival) and celebrated the day doing something fun.  I can honestly say that we all had fun, because Abby is to a place in her development where she can enjoy some of the activities as well.

They started out by acting silly in the picture cut-outs.

 This is my favorite one.  I love her face!

We then took a barrel ride through the pumpkin patch, which ended up being a whole lot bumpier than I had thought it would be.  I had to hold on really tight!

Caleb went through the hay bale corn maze.

He also navigated his way through the big maze, without any help from us or the map!  It was pretty amazing.  I'm glad he got his daddy's sense of direction.

Abby L-O-V-E-D the hay pit, so be on the look out for many more pictures of that!

There were too many wild kids to put Abby in the corn pit, but I gave her some corn to play with on her tray.  She didn't seem all that thrilled with it, but you don't have to worry about dried corn being a choking hazard when your child has an oral aversion!  There's always a silver lining!  :)

While Matt and Caleb watched the antique tractor-pull with all of its smelly exhaust and dust, Abby and I strolled around and looked for places to play.  She liked this big pumpkin a lot!

Four hours and two exhausted, no-naps children later, I decided it would be nice to get some pictures in front of the mum display before we left.  Yep, this is the best I got!

It was the perfect day and the perfect way to celebrate such a milestone in Abby's life.  Look for more pictures from our farm adventures to come!

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Susan Willey said...

"but you don't have to worry about dried corn being a choking hazard when your child has an oral aversion! There's always a silver lining!".....loved it! I understand it because I live it everyday! Sometimes people say, "you can't give her that, she'll choke" I just laugh...knowing she's not gonna put it in her mouth