Sunday, October 9, 2011

3 Fun Things That Have Happened This Last Week

1.  I am really getting into the groove now at work.  Things are starting to fall into place and I'm enjoying what I'm doing.  It's definitely different than being in the classroom, but I like trying something new.

2.  "Little" Heather (as Caleb refers to her) came to visit us on Tuesday for dinner!  Caleb and Abby loved the attention she gave to them!

3.  Caleb and Abby are going to be in a wedding this summer!  Although I might be a bit biased, I think they chose two pretty cute kids to be the flower girl and ring bearer.  :)  (There will be two of each, and the flower girls will ride in a wagon pulled by the ring bearers!  Good plan, or we'd be going into overdrive trying to get Abby walking!!)  :)

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Debbie said...

I am soooo happy your new job is working out for you - it's nice that a sacrifice which one makes "always" works out when God is along for the journey AND how exciting that both of your children will be in a wedding. I just can't imagine how many batteries you'll need for your camera that day!!