Monday, October 17, 2011


This year, Caleb was able to carve his pumpkin pretty much by himself.  I held his hand for support, but he did most of the work.  I had to help with the teeth a bit.

He was so serious here!

We always save the seeds, wash them, shake a little salt on them, and toast them...yum!!  Matt is a naysayer, but that's just more for Caleb and me!

Caleb is enjoying his delicious Walls' eclair and farm-fresh chocolate milk...YUMMO!!!  We also had apple cider slushies at the farm that were really good.  We pumped him full of all kinds of junk today, so I think he's reached his weekly quota!

Abby got to help with the pumpkins too!  She loved playing in the goo.  I think she thought it was play dough.

I will post pictures of the finished products soon!

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