Thursday, October 13, 2011


Abby recently received a play cube as an early birthday present from my parents.  She LOVES it!  It's really good for her to kneel at, and she is now able to kneel on her own while holding on.

Kneeling usually isn't a developmental milestone, but it's really good for kids who are delayed.  It allows Abby to work on her trunk control without her feet/legs having to hold her up.  (We're still working on the standing too, of course, but the kneeling is good!)

I didn't get a picture of this, but Abby surprised me by pulling up to a standing position from her kneel by herself when she was holding on to the top!!  This is something we've been working on a lot and I was shocked when she did it.  Then I made her do it three more times.  :)

My girl is pretty amazing...and she's closer to walking than I think sometimes!  :)

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Debbie said...


You are incredibly amazing girlie-girl and you are keeping me in shape because I get my pom poms out each week in order to cheer your accomplishments on! I stand up, do a cartwheel, and shout Go Abby Go!!