Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Silliest Question of Them All

I guess doctors have a set list of questions to ask whenever they do post-op rounds at the hospital.  Most of our questions are answered with the medical history sheet I provide everyone.  (Why, yes, I do in fact bring multiple copies with me so that I can give them to anyone who needs one!  And, yes, I do in fact update it regularly!) 

But the one question that I didn't think to explicitly answer on my paper is:

Has she ever had any other surgeries?

No...she was born this way.  Don't all babies have tracheostomy tubes and a gastrostomy tube??? 

Every single resident who saw us (which was everyone who saw us besides our two surgeons, who already knew her) asked us this question!  DUH people!! 

I guess I'll be editing my medical history to add this little question.

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