Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eager Beaver Med Students

I have blogged before about the eager beaver med students we've met who have been incredibly sweet, helpful, and interested in our case--from my polyhydraminos (extra amniotic fluid) to Abby's not swallowing, to Abby's diagnosis, to her incredible progress. 

We encountered another med student who was doing her pediatric rotation and thought Abby was pretty interesting.  I filled her in on the basics of CCMS, shared the miracles that had occured, and described my girl's personality for her (since, at that point, she was sleeping off the anesthesia!)  She came back the next day telling me she had researched CCMS further and would like to share it with the entire pediatric team at Abby's bedside, if that was okay with me.  I smiled and said that would be fine.

So, in came about 8 pediatric residents, attendings, and med students.  Two we had met, but the rest were new to us.  They all crowded in around Abby's bed (which is one of six in the large room called the Intermediate Care Unit) and the med student shared what she had learned. 

Abby, by this point, had slept 15 straight hours and was feeling really good!  She sat up playing, smiling, and signing "more" throughout the entire presentation...the little show-off!  :)  Even if the med student had wanted to paint a grim picture of Abby's diagnosis, it would be hard for any of them watching her to believe it. 

I have to say, I did feel a little like Abby was a caged lion in a circus while they were there.  After all, they were all circled around her baby jail (our affectionate term for the crib with the very high bars and plastic that can roll down to keep kids from climbing out) staring at her while she did tricks.  I almost said that she would stand up on her hind legs if they threw her a peanut, but I figured I'd better be good.  :)

All in all, the med student did a good job...and now about 8 more young doctors know what CCMS is--and they also know how well some CCMS kids can develop!!


Debbie said...

Abby, just like her mom and grandmom educating youngsters everywhere. I bet she'll grow up to be a Teacher also.


gail said...

It's great that you took the time to share with Residents- who knows, 10 years down the road they may be the pediatrician to a girl or boy like Abby and what hope and comfort the parents will be given when the doctor talks about Abby!