Friday, October 14, 2011


We have known since before birth that Abby's ears were extra special!  :)  They are low and turned, although it's really not noticeable.  I think it's cute!

At birth, we found out that her ear canals are very small.  No one could ever see her ear drums.  When our ENT first examined her at about 6 months old, he said they were the smallest ear canals he has ever seen...that's saying something!  Finally, at about 10 months old, our pediatrician was able to see the left ear drum...still not in the right! 

When the tubes were put in, the ENT said he had a lot of trouble with the right.  He'd already warned us that he wasn't sure he would be able to get them in, but he did.  Abby's right ear was very infected, but we never knew because she didn't show symptoms and  no one could see the ear drum!

Since the tubes, Abby has had lots of ear problems.  I thought the palate would be the biggest problem post-op, but it's the tubes!  She had some bleeding last Sunday that caused me to call the pediatrician, and we started ear drops back up.  When we followed-up with our ENT, he said to increase the number of drops.  She's been rubbing her ears and acting fussy this whole week, and she had more bleeding today.  After another call to the ENT, he called in a new steroid prescription and wants to see her on Monday. 

It's rather ironic that Abby didn't have any known ear problems before the tubes, but she has had almost constant problems since they've been put in!  A little backwards, don't you think?

So, we'll take her on Monday to ENT, during our marathon day of appointments. 

10:45 swallow clinic for a feeding therapy appointment at the specialties clinic
12:00 ENT at the outpatient center (two different places = two different parking lots = two different parking fees!)
2:00 helmet appointment at a place about 20 minutes from JHH

Should be a fun day! :)


Mindi and Adrian said...

Sorry to hear about her ear problems. Hope it heals and they figure out the tubes especially before winter. Good luck with the marathon of appointments on Monday. that's certainly a busy day.

Erin and Scott said...

I know what should have been an easy process now seems very frustrating. Even though is seems she had no problems before, if her ears were that infected she really did have problems. We never knew that Mouse had infections until his ruptured and you don't want Abby to have that, plus our ENT was concerned about hearing because of the untreated/rupture routine we are pretty sure Mouse was used to. Hopefully because of the tubes you are just seeing the infection for the first time and it can be an easy fix. In the long run I am sure you will be glad you did this if it helps to prevent hearing loss. Hang in there! and Give your girl a few kisses from us!!!