Sunday, October 16, 2011

Farm Life

Our trip to the big farm, complete with corn maze, petting zoo, and lots of farm activities, will be next Saturday on Abby's birthday.  We wanted to spend the day enjoying each other and doing something fun! 

Today, we went to a local, much smaller, farm to get our pumpkins and go on a hayride.  This place had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 pumpkin free, which made them much cheaper than at the big farm.  Plus, they sell Walls' eclairs there.  How can I not support a farm that sells Walls' eclairs?!

Side note:  When I was pregnant with Abby, I ate a Walls eclair the morning I took my gestational diabetes test.  I bet you can see where this is going!  Needless to say, I failed it and had to do the three hour test, despite my efforts to explain that my crazy blood sugar levels were only due to the gooey goodness of the chocolate eclair.  I spend an entire morning getting my blood drawn multiple times until I wasn't sure I'd have any left, only for them to tell me that my blood sugar was perfectly fine.  Moral: do not eat a chocolate eclair when you are getting your blood sugar tested!

Ohhhhhh I'm way off track!  Anyway, this was a fun little Sunday outing for us and the kiddos seemed to have a good time.  We picked two big pumpkins and a cool gourd, and Caleb also got a cute tiny gourd that has a green base with light green stripes, and a yellow neck.  It is very cool and looks like it's wearing clothes.  PLUS, the letter of the week is G!  Guess what he's taking in?? 

It took forever to find a good pumpkin.  The rain this year really hurt the crop, and there just aren't very many out there! 

This is a view of the farm.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's hard to believe it's in the same county.  The farm is on over 300 acres and is just beautiful!

We took a hayride to the patch.  Caleb enjoyed himself, but Abby seemed indifferent.  Of course, she was eating during this time and I somehow managed to sit on the feeding bag tubing, causing it to disconnect from her tube and get milk alllll over my pants... :)

Someone gave us free tickets to ride the pony, so I took Caleb over to do it.  He refused, so I put Abby on.  She's too little to say no.  :)  Of course, I held her and walked next to the horse the entire time.  She seemed rather indifferent to the whole situation, but she didn't cry.

The obligatory photo op

My little pumpkin :)

Stay tuned for the pumpkin carving adventures!

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Food lover said...

aaahhhh, such a cute pumpkin! hope all your appointments this monday went well! My 1 year old was not feeling well for past 4 days, he had high fevers around 102 and after a series of tests today, we came to know its just an other viral. THANK GOD! anyway, god bless you all.