Sunday, October 23, 2011


The wonderful Dr. M, a retired speech pathologist friend of mine, brought over a birthday gift for Abby.  The little bath tub fish she gave her had even already been thoroughly washed!  Abby quickly decided that they are her new favorite toys.

I put a very small amount of water in a tub and let Abby have at it while Caleb was taking a bath.

Can you tell how wet she is from banging her fish in the tub?

She would go chasing after them in the water.

Double-fisted with fish!  Notice the puddle of water on the floor from when she dumped the container!

Dr. M. also thoughtfully gave me some tulips to plant and even brought Caleb a pirate treasure chest that he proceeded to play with the entire night.  It now holds all of his "secret treasures" that he doesn't want anyone to find.

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