Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vitamin D

Yesterday, we enjoyed the fabulous weather as a family of four!  Now, before I get a bunch of comments about how it's not good to take Abby outside, hear me out.  We were only outside for about 10 minutes with her, it was 70 degrees, and she had a blanket.  There is nothing wrong with a little Vitamin D, and we can't keep her inside forever.  We're already locked away for winter, so we need to enjoy these nice days while we have them!

abby and momma 2

abby and momma
Matt was my photographer.  He got some good shots, didn't he?!  Unfortunately, that meant no pictures of him this time around.  Next time...

abby leaf
I showed Abby a leaf, which she loved!

It was so much fun to hold that she brought it inside with her--which we didn't know!

abby and momma outside 2
We traveled "light" this time too (just the vent) which was nice.

caleb on scooter
Caleb had a grand time zooming all around on his too-small scooter that he refuses to give up.  (Ignore the look on my face--I look annoyed, but I wasn't!)

abby in the grass
As close to lying in the grass as Abby's going to get right now.

abby and momma outside
Let's just say that this perfectly wonderful day makes me kind of dread the snow in next week's forecast!

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Jennifer said...

Aww, such beautiful pictures Julie! Glad you had a wonderful day!