Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Finger Sucker

As I have mentioned before, Abby LOVES to suck her fingers...specifically, her left pointer.  Matt was trying to discourage the finger sucking, saying that it would be harder to take them away than the pacifier when the time came.  I told him I was pretty sure finger-sucking would be the least of our worries!

Since she can't take a pacifier too well because her tongue is so far back, I'm happy that she can strengthen her sucking reflex by using her fingers.  It's so cute to hear that sucking noise as she sleeps!  *contented sigh*

sucking on finger




Megan said...

How sweet. I love that. She's getting so big!! ooxoxox

Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet!

Dona Ostenso said...

These pictures of Abby sucking her finger are just too cute!!

Karen Perise said...

These pictures, of her sucking her thumb, brought tears to my eyes! She is so content and beautiful! Suck away Abby!

Karen Perise said...

sorry..."sucking her finger" :)