Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Beginning to Really Hate Tuesdays

It was a Tuesday when I was sent home from the hospital because my insurance decided not to pay anymore, even though I was a high risk patient.

Abby went into respiratory distress on a Tuesday and was medivaced to JH.

This Tuesday, Abby was readmitted into the hospital because of wheezing and the need to increase oxygen levels.

I'm really beginning to hate Tuesdays!

So, here's the whole scoop.

I called Abby's pulminologist to see if I could bump up her appointment (originally set for the end of March), since she had had RSV.  They said that there were no available appointments, but they would put me on the waiting list. 

Then a nurse called back asking for more information about the RSV.  I filled her in and she asked if Abby was still having trouble.  I explained that Sunday night, we had needed to put Abby back on oxygen and had needed to increase it several times since then.  We'd also increased her nebulizer treatments and had taken her to her pediatrician on Monday. 

The nurse was pretty concerned and told me that she would talk to the pulminology team and call me back.  When I heard from her, she said the team wanted to see her.  The best way would be to bring her through the Pediatric ER at JH.  So, I called Matt, gathered stuff up, and off we went!  Thank goodness this wasn't an emergency this time.

After repeating the trach culture, RSV test, chest xray, and blood work, the pulminology team decided to admit her at least overnight.  This morning, it was learned that the trach culture showed a bacterial infection.

Read:  That's not good.

While they're still waiting to determine what caused the infection (it has to grow), there's definitely something there.  She's receiving IV antibiotics and being monitored.  We'll most likely be here through the weekend, but it's really up to Abby.  (Aren't most things these days up to her?!)

Soooooooooo, here we are again.  The bright side?   I'm getting lots of cuddle and play time with my girl.  She's been smiling at me a lot.  :)

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