Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Snicker

Most of the nurses who work with Abby are from another country:  the Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierre Leone, the West Indies, etc.  Yes, we'll have quite the multicultural experience by the time Abby is decannulated!  It's pretty cool though, because Caleb is really being introduced to lots of different cultures.  It's good for him (and us!)

Anyway, several of them have difficult names for Caleb to pronounce.  I'm changing the names to protect the innocent because I don't like to include names without someone's permission.  Here's a conversation I had recently with Caleb:

C:  What is Miss Sanola doing, Momma?

M:  Her name is Miss Sa-no-loo, Caleb.  Sanolu.

C:  Miss Sanola

M:  No, Sa-no-loo

C:  (sighs)  Can I just call her Jessica?

M:  No! 

C:  Why not?

M:  Because her name is Sa-no-loo!  That would be like me calling you Isaac!

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