Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Best Big Brother Ever

Seriously, God knew exactly what He was doing when He created Caleb.  He is the PERFECT big brother for Abby.  He is so sweet with her, and so kind and gentle.  Caleb doesn't see the trach, wires, and tubes that others see.  He just sees his beautiful baby sister "Abs," and he loves her unconditionally.  It is so sweet to see the compassionate heart God has given Caleb.

So, one night, Caleb decided that he wanted to play with his horse trailer.  "Hey, Momma, I got a great idea," he announced enthusiastically.  "I bet Abby would want to play with my horses too!"  So we laid out the Boppy pillow and a blanket, brought the toys down to the floor, and laid Abby down. 

abby playing horses with caleb

Caleb was SO excited.  He was having one-sided conversations with Abby, pretending that she was pretending to be a horse!  Caleb let her "pick" out her horse and rode it up and down her leg.  The whole thing was very cute.

abby playing horses

I love both of my kids so much!!


Dona Ostenso said...

poonThat is very sweet, Julie! You are so right...Caleb is a very special little boy!

Dona Ostenso said...

That post didn't turn out right...My word verification to allow me to comment made it in front of my actual comment. Sorry--disregard the "poon" at the beginning.

Megan said...

I love your family! How sweet! :0)