Friday, February 11, 2011

Standing on My Soap Box

One of my pet peeves is when people do not move out of the way for emergency vehicles.  I know you're in a hurry.  I know that you just want to get home to your family after work.  I know you've got a million things to do.  But GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

It's always bothered me when people won't move, but especially now.  Have you ever ridden in a speeding ambulance?  Have you ever had to slow down in that ambulance because people won't move?  Has the amount of time you spend in the ambulance been critical for your child's health?  Well, I can answer yes to all of those. 

So next time an emergency vehicle is coming up behind you, put aside all of the reasons that you don't want to pull over and add another 30 seconds to your commute and just DO IT. 

Because that is somebody's child in that ambulance. 

I hope it never has to be yours.

*I'll step down off of my soap box now.*

1 comment:

MaryJo said...

Please tell me this is just a gentle reminder, and that you are "NOT" in an ambulance again. It's not Tuesday!!! We are suspending Tuesdays until further notice right? Bummer..Tuesday is Grampa's day off.