Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sofie Love

Nina and Paw Paw gave Abby a Sofie after seeing how much Anna likes hers.  The best thing about this little teething toy is how easy it is to squeak!  Abby can do it almost effortlessly, so she always gets a surprised look on her face when she hears it.  Sofie's neck and legs also make for easy holding for the little ones.  Abby especially  likes whacking me with it when she's angry!  She hasn't quite figured out how to get the nubs in her mouth to chew on yet, but that will come.  I think it's a little too big for her tiny mouth right now.

Little Sofie doesn't look like much, but my experience is that the babies love it!  Added bonus:  right now, Sofie is on sale!  Check out the link below.

In the other link, Sofie is paired with a weighted pacifier.  Being the mom of a baby that can't keep a pacifier in her mouth, I think this is brilliant!  If Abby hadn't decided to be a finger sucker, I would have definitely bought this.  The weight of the little stuffed toy helps to keep the pacifier in.  I remember the nurses at MWPH talking about it, but never actually saw one.  They said it works really well!  For those of you whose babies spit theirs out like Abby does, it is worth a shot!  :)


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